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Favorite movies that made me cry

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Hi again. You know those movies that just make you cry rivers. :) So, let's start (in no order).

First movie that I have on the list would have to be Spirit (animated movie). Movie is about a "wild" horse that gets captured by humans. And no, it's not a sad movie at all. xD But, I was rewacthing this few days ago and I don't know if I ever cried more in a movie. It was one of my favorite childhood movies. With this book I got into listening Bryan Adams (one of my favorite singers even today). The amount of happy tears on the soundtracks is just... I think this is such an inspiring story and I love it. :D One of the movies that also make me really happy when I'm watching it is Avatar (I do cry sometimes when I watch it).

I think you expect this, but my favorite movies that make me cry are movies that are made from Nicholas Sparks books. :) So those are A Walk To Remember, The Notebook, Dear John, Save Haven, The Best of Me, The Last Song. I'm putting them in one category. I would say that my least favorite is The Best of Me, but I can't pick my favorite because I love them all. :) Those are at least the ones that I watched. :)

Ok, now we have a newer release. The Fault in Our Stars. I watched this on June 14th and loved it. It's pretty true to the book. I've read the book in January so I didn't remember all of the details and that's good. I planning on rereading the book soon. :) I cried a lot more in the book, but the movie had an ok amount of crying.

Then we have Harry Potter movies. Particularly Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hollows and I hope you know why. :(

Now we have Braveheart. It has one particular soundtrack that makes me cry whenever I hear it (beautiful and sad at the same moment). Link here. But this is also one of my favorites and I had to include it. :)

I don't know if I should include Titanic in this, but ok. It's also a crying movie, but I haven't seen it in so long.

Those are some of them. I'm sure there may be some that I cried more in, but I just can't remember. Thanks for reading. Bye <3

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