Catrice, Catrice, Catrice! (Part 1)

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2 months ago I had a post about some of my favorite brands and their best products. One of the brands was Catrice. It has become my top 1 makeup brand. Since than I tried more of the products and totally fell in love with them. I think it's the best for the price. I'm going to tell you about all of the products I've tried. This topic will probably have three parts. In the first part I will tell you something about nail polishes and lip products.

Catrice nail polishes come in a beautiful huge range of colors. Nothing changed a lot in my colection of their nail polishes so I don't have a lot to talk about there. Going on the lip products.. Their lipsticks are absolutely gorgeous. I have them in the color Star Rust and in the color Hey Nude. They don't have an unpleasant scent and they look beautiful on the lips. Hey Nude is just a regular nude lipstick that I talked about in an already mentioned post, but the Star Rust is pretty brownish-red lipstick with some sparkles. It's not what I usually wear on my lips so I don't wear very often. Maybe I will when the winter comes.

Hey Nude

Star Rust

Next lip product that I really liked is a liquid lip tint in the color Are You Red-Y. It's a nice purply shade. It has a scent so if you are not a fan of scented lip products you might not like it. The scent is actually nice in my opinion. It's kind of a fruity scent. One problem is that it might dry out your lips. To stop it you can use a lipbalm before applying the lip tint. Overall I really like it. Liquid lip tint comes in one more shade but I don't own it.

Last 2 lip products are lipglosses. I think mine are discontinued because when I went to my drugstore last time they didn't have these lipglosses. But I swatched some lipglosses there and noticed that those are better. Ones that I have are a little bit sticky and the aplicator doesn't pick the lipgloss easily. The shade names are Toast With Champagne and Nude-Tritious. I do like them but I'm not so crazy about them. I'm really looking forward buying the lipglosses in my drugstore. :)

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