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It's a really good brand. So I'm going to talk about some of their products I've tryed. And explain my morning and night routine.

Garnier Essentials toner (grape extract)

I don't want to just talk about how great Garniers products are, but it's the fact. This toner refreshes, it soothes and it does soften your skin. This toner is made for normal to combinated skin. Don't use this if you have dry skin. Results won't be good. There are other types of this toner so, look for your toner.

Garnier Essentials moisturizer (green one)

This moisturizer is a day care. It's made for oily to combinated skin. So, if you have that tipe of skin it is a really good daily care. It does make your skin feel matte and it's really good for putting before foundation. This can dry your skin even more if you have dry skin. If you have dry areas on your face I will tell you a little tip for that in my routine.

Garnier Essentials moisturizer (white one)

It's made for all tipes of skin. It's a nice night care.

Garnier PureActive ExfoBrusher

It's a face wash. I don't think people with dry skin should use this more than ones in a week. It does clean the skin and it dryes it a bit. That's why you have to put moisturizer after.

Morning routine

In the morning I keep it simple. I put some toner on a cotton pad and clean my face. It actually wakes me up. Then I put the green moisturizer and put my makeup on (or maybe not some days).

Night routine:

If I wore makeup that they I take it off with some cleaning wipes. Every other day I use the PureActive ExfoBrusher and clean the rest of the makeup that cleaning wipes may not take off. Then goes the toner or I use it right after the cleaning wipes. Then I put the white moisturizer on my dry areas (my nose) and it realy helps. On the rest of my face I put the green moisturizer (or you can just use the white one).

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