I'm back

5:17 PM Barbara Mikasek 0 Comments

Well, hi everyone. I hope you remember me. xD Yes, I've been wanting to come back and I think it's great that I'll have more free time now since school is coming to its end. :D I'm done with school on June 13th. This year I'm ever more excited for the summer. I'm going to math school and camp again, BUT it's not just that. I'm going WITH MY FRIEND! I was so happy when we agreed on this because that means that I'm going to spend a lot of time with her over the summer. We are going to see each other before those, too. So I came up with an idea that we do some blogging and/or even making videos. We'll see how it will go. Also, I'm not going to just post reviews about makeup and some news in my life. I decided to write about books, too, since I've got into reading in January. I haven't read a lot and now I have free time to read whenever I want. That means that I'm going to update you on my life, write makeup and book reviews and do some tags. So, summer is smiling at me and I can't wait for it to start If anyone has some more ideas to write about, just let me know. I'll see you soon. <3

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