Brands and their best makeup products

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Lets talk about makeup a bit.


It's a makeup brand that I recently found out about. I have to say that the products are a good quality (at least the ones I own). I have their Ultimate Color lipstick in 240 Hey Nude. Amazing! It's a combination of nude and pink (more pink), it has a nice shine and it's creamy. But, I think best produscts from Catrice are nailpolishes. They last pretty long and you can find unique colors. I have 8 of them.


If you're from Europe, you probably know about it. I like their products and they are really cheap. What i mostly buy from that brand are eyeshadows, eyeliners, eyeshadow primer, some brushes and nailpolishes. I don't reommend their foundations, BB creams and powders. Maybe they work for someone, but the colors are horrible. Every color is orange. But, other than those, their products are pretty amazing when you look at the price and quality.


This brand is pretty popular not just in the USA or Europe. They have awesome products, but I mostly use their mascaras. I like them a lot and there are many to choose from.

Max Factor

This brand is not really popular in the USA, but I looove their False Lash Effect mascaras. I have to say they are the best mascaras that I tryed. They are more expensive than mascaras by any brand I talked about here, but quality is really good.

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